Real. Food. Matters.

Join me in my kitchen at Blueberry Hill to learn about healthy eating and nutrition choices. We talk about everything from gluten-free cooking to how to brew your very own kombucha! Every day should have a little fermentation in it!

Training at The Underground

Join one of my group trainings at the Underground in Spring Mills. No need to let the winter keep you from connecting to your strongest self. Group training sessions change from time to time, so contact Joan to find out the latest opportunities.

Custom 1:1 Training

Sweating with a group isn’t your thing? You’d like the comfort of meeting when it’s good for you in an atmosphere that let’s you feel comfortable asking questions and learning at your own pace? In that case, working 1:1 could be the perfect fit for you. You might even want to create a training time for just you and your dearest friend. Contact me to discuss availability and fees.

DownSize Fitness is a GO! for April…

  Please consider joining this welcoming group if you have more than 50 pounds to lose and have been reluctant to get started...because maybe you're not sure where to start, or how to start...or maybe a bit intimidated by the idea of mirrors and people and...

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Community Connection…Ginger Marshall, LMT

Penns Valley is a veritable treasure-trove of inspired, passionate, and knowledgeable people. I'd love to introduce you to one of them.   I have been the recipient of Ginger's expert and intuitive work for the past several months as she has interpreted and...

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You do not have an unflattering side.

I do not have an unflattering side. I'm not saying this with ego...I'm saying this to all the women out there who might believe that because they sit down or squat down or bend over and have skin folds (GASP!) around/on their stomachs - - that they have to apologize...

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Evening trainings in January…

Evening opportunities with KarpFit in January. This isn’t about new resolutions. This is simply about resolve. Years come and go quickly. They really do, don’t they? Weekly consistent commitment to self is what gets us from where we are to where we can be. Come tap...

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Morning trainings in January…

This isn't about new resolutions. This is simply about resolve. Years come and go quickly. They really do, don't they? Weekly consistent commitment to self is what gets us from where we are to where we can be. Come tap into your potential. There's so much.... People...

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Catapult yourself to the top of Santa’s GOOD list….

Please join me Saturday December 17 (barring bad weather - - please check KarpFit on facebook for an update) at 7:30am at Underground Fitness at Old Gregg School in Spring Mills. No charge. If you feel you want to donate something - that's great. $2.00 is the fee for...

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What My Training Partners Are Saying

I started training with Joan over 5 years ago because I could not walk up even a few stairs without getting winded.  I had just passed age 55 and felt like I didn’t have much energy.  Throughout these five years,  Joan helped me to find the happier, more energetic and more able person I used to be.  With Joan’s encouragement, three years ago, I competed for the first time in a mini-sprint triathlon.  I love that we never do that same things two days in a row and she is able to tailor my workouts to meet my physical level.  Mostly, she is so inspiring and encouraging.  I always feel better when I leave than when I have arrived.

Paula Milone-Nuzzo RN, PhD, FHHC, FAAN

Dean and Professor, The Pennsylvania State University, College of Nursing

Joan is an incredible trainer! Her workouts are tough and she will make you work hard but she is awesome at modifying and working with your needs.  I have loved all of the workouts she has handed me – each one has been unique with it’s own challenges. Joan is inspiring in her athletic abilities and in the way she lives her life with a focus on fitness and health.

Willa Paterson

Joan helped me overcome my resistance to weight training and equipped me with the tools and knowledge I needed to strengthen my whole body. Before working out with Joan I was primarily focused on my cardio endurance and could barely do a regular push-up. Now with a more holistic approach, I’ve noticed my whole body changing and feel stronger on the inside and out.

Serena Fulton

As a mother of three teens, an avid open water swimmer, a former NCAA All American, a triathlete, a keeper of bees, a wife of 21 years, a lover of lifting heavy chit, a personal, group, and online fitness trainer, a backyard chicken farmer, and sucker for fermented foods, I’ve spent a lifetime investigating strength and vibrant life.

In 2006 I started my own training and bootcamp business in honor of my father, who set a beautiful example of what it meant to live a life with mindful attention to mind, body, and spirit. I can’t believe how fortunate I am to now get to spend my days training with the most wonderful people. I am so blessed. My hope is for every human being to live life to their fullest potential. I believe that those of us fortunate enough to have bodies that function as they (mostly) should, have the responsibility to move our bodies in a way that honors the elegance of the human form.

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